With more and more organizations going to cloud or virtual environments, your business workloads are distributed so that it’s troublesome for IT to manage backup tasks from different platforms.

A modern and integrated backup solution can help you centralize backup tasks from physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


Inefficient administration in hybrid environments

Scattered data

Organizations are challenged with scattered business workloads in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Accumulated cost

When considering a modern backup solution, it often requires purchasing software licenses and storage servers separately, and backup software vendors normally use a subscription-based licensing model.

Fear licensing fee no more

Synology ushered into the backup market by integrating modern backup software features on Synology NAS, completely free of licenses.

IntegratedUnified support service by complementing hardware with software

License-freeGain access to Active Backup free of charge

One-timeOne-off purchase of NAS entitles you to Active Backup

Protect business workloads
Protect business workloads
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