The MailPlus suite allows your business to set up a secure, reliable, and private mail server while giving your employees a web-based client for managing emails and boosting productivity.


Intuitive & Powerful MailPlus

MailPlus is an intuitive and powerful webmail client for organizing emails, checking company address books, and sharing mailboxes with work partners.

synology mailserver
synology mailserver
  • Search History and Operators

    Quickly find mail using search history and operators such as to:[email protected] and is:unread.

  • Priority Mailbox

    Shows emails from specific mailboxes or labels in one view for centralized management.

  • Single Message View

    Organize emails depending on your preference – turn off the conversation view and split emails into separate messages with icons indicating whether you have replied to them.

  • Shared Mailbox

    Share mailboxes with work partners to track projects together.

  • Shared Address Book

    When joining an LDAP server or Windows AD domain, MailPlus can make an address book accessible to all employees.




    Integration with Collaboration Packages

    MailPlus is seamlessly integrated with Synology Chat and Synology Calendar, making itself a hub of task communications and scheduling. With the Chat and Calendar plug-ins, you can dive into project discussions and add emails to your to-do list right from MailPlus.

    • Manage to-dos with Calendar task plug-in

      Schedule your work life with this versatile plug-in. You can view all your to-dos and add more directly from emails to Calendar, right in MailPlus.
    • Add events from emails to Calendar

      Click on a date/time in your emails to create a new Calendar event.
    • Communicate through Chat plug-in

      Start work conversations instantly while checking emails.

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