The Department of Land and Survey of Jordan

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By using Synology’s Surveillance Station, The Department of Land and Survey successfully implemented a complete surveillance system 

Muhanad Zayed – Security Systems Engineer

The Company

The Department of Land and Survey (DLS) plays a vital role in guaranteeing ownership of lands. Moreover, it resolves conflicts and matters concerning lands as well as water sources. It is ultimately Jordan’s bank of information of land and ownership.




The Challenge

The challenge is to deploy a sophisticated surveillance system for 35 doctorates all around the country for the headquarter to archive video recordings from certain cameras at certain times over limited WAN bandwidth. The system needs to perform at a high level without affecting the running systems in which the WAN is fully utilized during working hours.

The required solution must ensure the availability of video recordings at any time regardless of the network status, or even when hazard happens to remote doctorate’s surveillance system.

The Solution

Surveillance Station

By using Synology’s Surveillance Station, the Department of Land and Survey successfully implemented a complete surveillance network with a combination of two different models that are deployed in this project, DS216+II and RS3617xs.

Serving as the central storage and archiving unit at the HQ, the RS3617xs is meant to archive recorded segments from the NVRs (DS216+II) deployed elsewhere. Moreover, it operates as the central management hub that manages the licensing for all NVRs.

Centralized Management System (CMS)

CMS also keeps the whole surveillance system in check by monitoring all NVRs’ vital components such as hard drive, software, volumes, just to name a few. This system also assists the admins in implementing policies, permissions, and access from one single interface, increasing administrative efficiency and flexibility tremendously.



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